The Egyptians pursued the Israelites in order to take them back into slavery. Which Moses lead them out of according to desire of God to free them.

And the people of Israel; face to face with the Red Sea, surrounded by mountains and pursued by the enemies, they were confronted with a decision to trust God through Moses their leader or faint with fear. But one thing was sure: God will always make a way of escape!

Bitter Experiences: Hurt, abuse, disappointment, grief, rejection, betrayal. etc.

In the midst of our depravation, suffering God provides mana for us, we won’t suffer alone. “We need to look around and see where God has provided for us and begin to gather our manna.

Coming from a bitter experience such as slavery in a foreign land, there are ways to deal with those bitter feelings. So how do you approach your own bitter ‘Mara’ ? Truth be told, bitter experiences are: unavoidable, and they are necessary. But we can approach them with these options:

  • Tackle your Issues,
  • Explore possible benefits of those experiences(James 1:2-4), and
  • Pray


Footnote: Manna: Blessings, mercies.