They were not ashamed…

“I sought the Lord, and He heard me,
And delivered me from all my fears.
   They looked to Him and were radiant,
                           And their faces were not ashamed.”  ~Psalm 34:4-5

     Fear, if you allow it, it can consume your thoughts, paralyze you and keep you stagnant. Everyone has fears, some we’re unaware, some we’re downright scared of. It takes more than boldness and courage though to overcome these fears. In Psalm 34, King David is doing what he does best, praising God. This Psalm promises a happiness to those who look to God, and trust in Him. Placing our trust in God, requires us to not just believe in God but to also depend on Him completely for everything.

I know for me, fear has allowed me to miss out on a lot of things that would’ve helped my growth. And thinking about the many things that has affected our world in the span of a year, it would be hard not to fear. Fear the things that I can’t even see, understand, and grasp. But i’ve been learning that it’s not up to me to understand, cause guess what my understanding of those problems won’t change them. I can only trust God, and lean on the truth that His plans are better than mine.

Just like King David’s predicament with Abimelech/Achish, (2 Samuel 8:17) where he pretended to be mad so he could live. And because God saw favor in him, through this ordeal he allowed David to flee with his life. King David replies with a heart of gratefulness towards God and His protecting hands on his life. The truth is, that God is faithful, even when we’re not, but when we are faithful, He rewards us accordingly. He loves when we’re obedient, and when we are completely dependent on Him; and through our obedience and our dependency He wants us to be happy.  He alone understands how much we need Him, and because He is a good Father, he wants to provide us with need; because He is The Only One who can satisfy us.

I want to seek God wholeheartedly, knowing and trusting in Him through all my fears, pressing forward because His perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18). Looking to Him, keeping my eyes on Him when the world is in chaos, when I have nothing left but Him, when I’m lonely, when my fears become overwhelming, when the pain gets out of control, when I’m confused, when I’m powerless (because I always am), when I’m empty, when I’m angry, when I’m weary, when I’m heartbroken; I want to look to Him. When we focus our eyes on God through all that is happening around us, we’re saying: ‘We Trust You God,’ ‘We might not understand, but we trust that Your will for our lives are true and perfect.’ 

The next time fear appears, because it will come. Let’s keep our eyes on Him. Stay focused on the face of our Redeemer and Savior who loves us despite our flaws. let’s look to Him and be filled with His love, His light, and his truth. And we will never be ashamed, because it’s not about us, should never be about us; but about Him, His grace and His mercy.