Be Ready in and out of Season……..

“Preach the word!

Be ready in season and out of season.

Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.” 

2 Timothy 4: 2

Having been in a discipleship course now for the past 12 weeks; i have been urged even more now than ever to be bold and confident in my actions as his daughter. I’ve been really pushed these past few months to get out of my comfort zone. A zone I created to fit my idea of comfort, and safety. I created it, believing that I would never get hurt, or be taken advantage of in any situation….Ever. The idea of our own safe place, is one we believe can protect us, and we are less likely to have all these negative emotions that hinder us. And it is for that reason, why Jesus has called us to be bold in our walk with Him, nothing we do for Christ is ever going to be easy. But will it be worth it? Absolutely Yes!

Now earlier yesterday, I had a to do a teaching sermon on ‘The Gifts of The Holy Spirit’. As a group we had each been given our own topic to study on and prepare for sharing in a group setting. Now, the me last year would have been really scared about speaking in front of any type of crowd whatsoever; but now I can see a different side to what God has been calling me to do. Firstly, stop living in fear, while trying to protect my own comfort. So, I taught on what The Holy Spirit had laid on my heart. The body of Christ working together as a body that is well, and knowing its purpose not only as a group but also individually. I’m not going to say that it was super easy, it really wasn’t. I was worried about not saying the right words, not being clear enough, not presenting it the right way, being boring, having a serious breakdown in front of everybody…..and it was just so much. So many random thoughts flowing through my mind that would have crippled me if the Spirit hadn’t assured me of his strength being perfected in my weakness.

Time and time again, I think I allow my own thoughts to infiltrate my heart, and hinder the growth that God has and wants for me. Being ready in this season for what God has called me to do, is up to me. God equips the called, but it is also up to me to step out in faith and see that step as a gateway for many more beautiful, and awesome things; He wants me, you to be a part of. While speaking in front of a crowd is just one area of my life that I believe God is developing me in, there are other areas that need pruning, and I know if I want to be free from complacency; I have to let God have the control, so that He can work through me. I have to be ready for the plans God has for me, be ready for difficult situations, be ready to let go, be ready to preach His word. There are so many more ways that God desires to use His people, and all he requires of me, of you, is complete submission to Him. All the works He wants to do in me, is more about Him and less about me. I want to be ready for the unplanned…..DO YOU?